Defeat the Kappalotte!

miércoles, julio 20, 2011

Luego de varias horas y muchas, muchas capas termine mi entry para el concurso de Alejandro (Blackmago), Defeat the Kappalotte. Al final dejo una versión 2, que sencillamente es la misma ilustración pero sin el lineart :). La escena en general se trata de lo que Alejandro dejó como inspiración y tematica del concurso:
" ...blackmago is contacted by bringÄel to join the world of kappas, to cross the reality from the world one to this land of Green yokais, when they discover the big kappalotte have been infected by the antimateria that keeps flowing and flowing from the top of his Head in all directions( antimateria is a visible manifestation of the obbscura , the Dark obsscure energy that follows blackmago on each reality to consume his heart) ,so, posssesed kappalotte is destroying all existing creatures on this kappa world, and blackmago has just arrived with his friends to kill the antimateria...Creador the pencil,booglet, opito, bloom, guh , cucca, nekoni and Sneed are here to help him, and his newest friend Grintaro with the force of " the aurelius" are ready to taken down this last bastion of nightmares , this is a rough, obscure and Dark situation and blackmago has no otherchoice than kill the antimaterial, without hurting kappalotte and destroying this kappaworld, or GET killed trying to survive..."

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